The EU is completely worthless

The, often implied, argument from Brexiteers is that the EU is worthless.

Europe is stagnant, dying.

The EU is a drag on the UK and with “our” precious £350m a week, and free from the shackles of the EU, we’ll be successful and better off.

Why on Earth would we pay a bill?

Why are the Brexiteers even discussing a Brexit bill?

The harrumphing about the amount, or even existence of a “bill”, is bizarre.

If the EU is a worthless drag on the UK, if the single market a pointless creation to benefit Germany at the expense of others, if the dreamy trade deals are going to be so much better, why are our government and associated brexiteers even humouring these evil foreigners, trying to force us to pay a bill the UK does not owe?

If the EU is worthless and we don’t benefit from it, walk away. We’ll be better off, richer and “free”.

If the bill is something that the UK doesn’t owe, if the joint liabilities are all fake news, then why does the government not respond with it’s own fake bill of £500bn, to the other 27 countries? If the brexit bill is so unjustified and a ridiculous EUSSR conspiracy, why not respond with something equally silly?

The international standing and credit rating of the UK won’t suffer of course, because the UK obviously doesn’t owe anything and other countries, investors and credit rating agencies will see the truth. Right?

If all that is true, don’t pay the fake bill that isn’t owed, walk away and enjoy the riches and benefits of not being strangled by the single market, freedom of movement and the union.

The Phony war

Yet the government isn’t walking away.

Blustery Tory middle aged men and UKIP bores make facile comparisons to golf club memberships or restaurant bills, wax idiotic about how the EU is apparently a ruthless controlling empire, yet they still don’t just walk away.

The Daily Mail and their ideological associates take it as a fait accompli that the UK is going into “negotiate” and will need to pay a bill to mitigate a complete disaster. Because they know many elements of EU membership are crucial to the prosperity of any rich European country in 2017.

But they just can’t say that.

Walking away would be uncomfortable for the united 27 countries, but a complete and utter social and economic apocalyptic disaster for the UK. They know it, despite their tortuous circular denials.

If not, just walk away!


    1. Jim Blythe

      You don’t seem to realise that people are losing their jobs over this. Their retirement plans are going down the drain. In my case, their families are being split up. Their research careers are ending. They are being told that they can’t stay in the UK, even though they are married to UK nationals (I know two people in this position). They are losing their businesses. And for what? For people like you who think it’s like a football match, where you have to be a “good loser”.They will not get over it, they will not forgive, they will not be silenced. And if we do leave the EU, it’s a big “if”, we will campaign to rejoin. Deal with it.

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