In 2010 the conservative party said UK debt was a “National crisis” at £700bn. It’s now £2 Trillion.

In 2010 the conservative party said it was a “national crisis” that the national debt was at £700bn.

It’s now tripled. It stands at £2 trillion.

Meanwhile, real wages have grown across most of the EU. As governments invest in real training, useful education, proper quality housing and employee protections, rather than tokenism and short termism.

The UK government has decided to focus elsewhere. Our government allows foodbanks, zero hours contracts, Europe’s highest credit card debt and payday loans debt to become just part of life, while focusing on “savings” by cutting police numbers and the relatively tiny welfare state.

So what are the government going to about this?

Well of course they have a plan! They say they’ll focus on the important stuff; bringing back fox hunting, implement blanket rights to read your emails without a warrant, privatise more services, continue to increase the prison population and open up the NHS to American corporations.

And of course, the one policy will really make British citizens standard of living increase and be more like the rest of the EU: “Brexit means Brexit”!.

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