Nigel Farage appeared on Russia Today to discuss how he’d “steal Kim Darroch’s job”, in 2016

Farage appeared on the Kremlin’s RT channel in 2016, not so subtly angling for Kim Darroch’s job.

Nigel Farage on Russia Today – 2016

In a mock interview for the US ambassador job, Farage was asked how he’d handle a being a go-between, between Trump and Putin.

Farage’s reply was that Trump should be the one that should be worried, as if “Mr Putin is very, very angry, that’s not a good place to be”.

“Mr Putin is very, very angry.
And that’s not a good place to be.”

– Nigel Farage

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The interviewer also jokingly said Farage wouldn’t make a very good spy. To which he replies with a knowing smile and “Would I? But it’s a whole brave new world, isn’t it?”.

“You’d be a rubbish spy”
“Would I?”

– Nigel Farage

This programme was aired in late 2016, Farage was already at this stage appearing on Russian state TV angling for the ambassador job. Trump was already attacking Darroch and suggesting Farage for the job, nearly 3 years ago.

Full programme below:


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