What did Leave voters say about Norway in 2016?

The “Norway” option and infantile debate about whether the vote meant leaving the single market, or not, is tiresome, repetitive and dishonest. That we know.

Brexit bloviators tend to screech quite loudly about what voting leave “meant”, piously intoning about what the vaguely provocative and Nazi sounding “Will of the people” means or meant.

Apparently it meant:  “Do not be like Norway” and  “do not remain in the single market”.

Well I certainly remember many of them saying the exact opposite, in 2016 and before.

So let’s look back at some of the comments from leave voters in 2016.

Here’s a typically absurd video from Arron “Not a penny from Russia” Banks’s rabble rousing outfit. The point of the video is primarily to reinforce the idea that someone foreign is “tricking” you.

Anyway, the crux of the video is that the UK can follow the same path and “be like Norway”.

The comments from leave voters were quite clear, they agreed too.

All comments from leave voters in 2016, from this Facebook referendum campaign video.

  1. “Listen to Norway”
  2. “Are Norway in trouble? Of course not!”
  3. “Facts”
  4. “Listen to Norway”
  6. “Norway and Switzerland have performed better than the EU!” (Err)

    Switzerland is also defined as being a member of the single market by the UK 🙂
  7. “Norway refused to join!”
  8. Wonder why that is?”
  9. “Just as the people of Norway did”
  10. “If Norway were brave enough….so should we! They aren’t segregated!”
  11. “Norway are doing very well.”
  12. “Well don Norway, let’s follow suit June 23rd”
  13. “Be Like Norway – Vote Out.”
  14. “How Norway ignored the lies.”
  15. “We need to leave. Norway are doing very well thanks.”
  16. “Norway prospered. We have the opportunity to do the same”.
  17. “Norway and Switzerland are a very good example!”
  18. “Lets hope, like Norway, people have their heads screwed on”
  19. “We have to be like Norway”
  20. Norway get so many things right including NOT being in the EU. I think I’ll go live there.”
  21. “Listen to Norway british people”
  22. “Take a good look at Norway”
  23. “Its rigged! I’m moving to Norway!”
  24. Norway and Switzerland are two of the most successful economies! Wouldn’t it be bad to be rich, successful, and free, like Norway and Switzerland? How Terrible!” 



  1. UnicornChaser

    I did not know there were unicorns in Norway. Well…. That settles it then. I’m off to freeze my dick off out of spite.

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