How are the Brexiters enjoying Brexit so far?

Not very much. 🙁

We decided to take a look at the latest post on one of the UK’s largest pro Brexit Facebook pages, to get a flavour of the worldiness, decency and intelligence of some of England’s finest patriotic forward thinking voters.

Get Britain Out has 250,000 fans – let’s see what they’re saying about Leo Varadkar’s latest comments, I’m sure they’ll be measured and totally normal.


Not an overly inflammatory post from GBO, maybe things are looking up!


The comments.

  1. Let them starve

2. “Actually Irish”


3. Good Irish name



4. Unimaginative rage


5. We want Trump



6. So many “power crazy imigrants”


7. Nice French flag. Tear up GFA, foreign, wall


8. Not even sure that makes sense


9. His bloodline is impure, he is homosexual and probably European



10. Ahhhh “Boarders” again – Doesn’t iOS and Android both autocorrect this to “borders”? Why…how…do they all…never mind.



11. Glenn is hoping for HIV


12. British Troops – Punish – Humiliated 🙁

13. 100 Euros says Linda “Robinsonr” will not change her buying habits whatsoever and shops at Lidl and Aldi for Irish food

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